Missing David Joseph Miera since 1970 From New Mexico

Details About David Joseph Miera's Case

According to Genie Miera, David's mom, she had been living in Dixon, New Mexico on and off with her then boyfriend Leon G. Zerfas. He would come and go as he had a son with another lady out of state born in early 1969.  Many hippies lived in Dixon, though not as many during winter. Genie Miera was giving birth to her daughter at the hospital in Embudo, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico several miles away from where they lived and saw David through the window on or about Jan 10, 1970 he had on his new Christmas cloths, he was with her then boyfriend Leon G. Zerfas. 

David Joseph Miera was 2 years old, big for his age, brown eyes and light brown hair, eyes set wide apart, wide nose, thin lips, wide feet, and a birthmark on his upper back. A few days later when Genie got out of the hospital, David and all of his belongings were gone, she was ill and traumatized.  Genie and her newborn child remained with Zerfas for as long as she could in hopes of reuniting with David enduring abuses and traveling with him to Calif.

Genie reported that Zerfas said that he gave David to a couple from NY who couldn’t have children. They lived on a bus and the woman was Nordic and was possibly a photographer or artist with the last name of Phelps or Phillips, both were college graduates.  Zerfas also told Genie that he gave David to his sister to care for while Genie recuperated after giving birth. He only had one living sister at that time and she and her family were living in Mexico, according to her daughter she became imprisoned in Mexico on a Marijuana charge in early March of 1970 and then several months later she was hospitalized in San Diego and then she and her children went to stay with her in Vista, California in August of 1970, and that's when Zerfas and Genie were briefly there too. His sister said she knew nothing about the whereabouts of David and she was never seen with David by her children in Mexico or in the US, and no one knows what happened to David. 

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If you have any information about the whereabouts of David Joseph Miera please call 1-800-457-3463 

New Mexico Missing Persons.  Thank you! 

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This is the age progression photo of how David might look today. 

If you have any information about the whereabouts of David Joseph Miera

 please call 1-800-457-3463 New Mexico Missing Persons.

  Thank you!